Selected Essays: On the Work of Gertrudis Rivalta was published by the Hemispheric Institute at New York University and edited by Jacqueline Loss. Major support was provided by the Mellon Foundation's "World Making and Social Emergency Grant" at the Hemispheric Institute. This publication was created with the editorial and translation assistance of Ana Dopico, Marcial Godoy, and Santiago Ospina Celis. Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles provided the high res image for Quinceañera con Kremlin.

Land Acknowledgement

The Hemispheric Institute at New York University acknowledges with respect the Lenape nation, whose traditional homelands NYU now occupies. We recognize the longstanding significance of these territories for Lenape nations past and present. We acknowledge that we work in a city with the largest urban Native population in the United States. Even as we work to increase the historical awareness of Indigenous exclusion and erasure, we acknowledge the effect of that legacy in educational institutions, at NYU, and across the hemisphere. We are committed to work revealing Indigenous history and life-worlds and to the inclusion of Indigenous voices and participation, in allyship with Indigenous makers and communities across the Americas.

AI Disclosure

The Hemispheric Institute book Selected Essays: On the Work of Gertrudis Rivalta, Edited by Jacqueline Loss, offers the option to listen to essays in this publication. The audio narration enhances accessibility and provides another way to engage with our work. This feature uses an automated voice, resulting in occasional errors of tone or pronunciation.